Not so great after all

Not so great after all

We’ve all seen them before. Large statues of the most striking men who proudly ride a horse, looking into the distance. It is not uncommon for them to hold a sword in their hands, raised in a carefully chosen direction. They can be seen in cities around the world, where most residents take them for granted. They are monuments dedicated to celebrities, whether from childhood stories or school history textbooks. They are all heroes who brought glory to their countries.

... Right?

Did you know that Ivan the Terrible placed a huge cauldron filled with boiling water on today's Red Square in Moscow? Every person he would consider his opponent he would boil alive in it.


On the examples of Alexander the Great, Vladimir Lenin, Vasco da Gama, Martin Luther and Che Guevara, Turunen's book brings a slightly different story about the achievements of these historical figures. Through numerous unknown details of history, the author teaches us that these people are no more heroes as they are villains, ruthless leaders who have one thing in common - they should not be questioned. These short 10-page essays about the lives and actions of historical giants highlight violence, dictatorships, murder, and the pursuit of self-interest. The more one of them has conquered, subjugated, and killed, the more likely it is that a monument has been put up in his honor, and the greats and heroes of a nation are often the greatest enemies of their neighbors. A tyrant is hardly even interested in the welfare of his own people, let alone neighbors.

  • Dimensions: 128 x 200 mm
  • Original title: Mulkerot - Patsaalle korotettujen suurmiesten elämäkertoja
  • Original language: Finnish
  • Translation: Kristina Špehar-Vuković
  • Cover: paperback