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Davor Ivo Stier – A big interview in „Globus“

Journalist Zdravko Milinović interviewed Davor Ivo Stier, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, now a member of the C...

New title – „Legal protection of children from violence“

The scientific monograph Legal protection of children from violence has just been published! This is the first complete ...

„Foreign policy sequel of the political and journalistic hit from 2015“

On the occasion of the publication of Davor Ivo Stier's new book, A Way Out of the Periphery. An Essay on Croatia in...

„An impressive book with serious risk and courage behind it“

„It is impossible to count everything that Erika Fatland presents in a reportage style, according to the chapters that h...

Available soon

In Defense of Darkness

Astrophysics defines darkness as the "absence of light", but the fundamental truth is that darkness, from an astronomical point of view, doesn’t exist. Darkness, therefore, can be defined as the perceived absence of light. When the Sun is more than 18 degrees below the horizon, the so-called astronomical darkness - but we must venture far into the plateau, into the desert or the open sea, to witness it. Has darkness become the ultimate resource? Winter in Norway is long and black. Two thirds of Norwegians live today so they cannot see Mjølkevegen. There are more and more street lights and screens. What does all this artificial light do to us humans, animals and all living beings? Sigri Sandberg has in mind our fear of darkness. She went al...


Book of the month

The Border

Towards the publication of My Father's Books, the fifth title by Luan Starova published by TIM press, the book of February is The Border. In this novel, the stories of his family, whose entire life was marked by borders, wanderings, and rescue from death, are interwoven. The border cut off their lives – on the one hand, crossing the border meant freedom, and on the other, the loss of the homeland and the question of whether they would ever be able to return to it.