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Rhythm&Book vol. 3

The third season of your favorite cultural event will arrive in March! This year, Rhythm&Book brings many new...

Robert Badinter passed away

Robert Badinter, French lawyer, scientist and politician, honorary doctor of the University of Zagreb and corresponding...

Lars Svendsen with Goran Milić

Last night, February 19, in the show What's up North-South, one of Goran Milić's guests was a famous Norwegian ...

New title: „The Courage of Nuance“

The long-awaited and very current book The Courage of Nuance by French journalist Jean Birnbaum translated by Dubravka...

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Straw dogs

The British bestseller Straw Dogs is an exciting, radical work of philosophy, which sets out to challenge our most cherished assumptions about what it means to be human. From Plato to Christianity, from the Enlightenment to Nietzsche and Marx, the Western tradition has been based on arrogant and erroneous beliefs about human beings and their place in the world. Philosophies such as liberalism and Marxism think of humankind as a species whose destiny is to transcend natural limits and conquer the Earth. John Gray argues that this belief in human difference is a dangerous illusion and explores how the world and human life look once humanism has been finally abandoned. The result is an exhilarating, sometimes disturbing book that leads the r...


Book of the month

Seven Types of Atheism

Towards the publication of the book The Straw Dogs. Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals, book of February is Seven types of atheism, the first book by John Gray published ba TIM press. For a generation now, public debate has been corroded by a shrill, narrow derision of religion in the name of an often vaguely understood „science“. John Gray’s stimulating and enjoyable book, Seven Types of Atheism, describes the complex, dynamic world of older atheisms, a tradition that is, he writes, in many ways intertwined with and as rich as religion itself.