About TIM press


TIM press d.o.o. is an independent enterprise for publishing, marketing and business services, founded in 1994. In the first working year we issued several publications, business address-books and reviews. More intensive working period on publishing and marketing projects we have started in the second half of 2003. Since then TIM press have published around two hundred titles in total circulation of 100,000 copies.

From the first special editions for lawyers, economists and trade union and employers' associations we have been widening our scope of work every year. Thus in the last two years we published a wide range of scientific works, containing interesting social, economic, political and historic themes written by domestic authors. Special attention we pay to translations of useful foreign works into Croatian language.

Our numerous collaborators, distinguished experts from different fields, analysts, authors, methodologists and practitioners as well as reviewers of our editions represent the best proof that TIM press gradually managed to take a respectable position in a tough competition within great number of Croatian publishers. TIM press provides our clients design and preparation of all promotional and advertising materials as well as special materials for congresses, assemblies and conferences.

We have been especially proud of tradition in publishing bulletins, news and reviews for our most loyal clients in recent years. Since last two years TIM press has developed another field of activity – business consulting. Our advantage lies in fast detecting of week points and threats that our clients might encounter, thus we are capable of giving promptly an adequate strategy for resolving those problems. Period in which we operate demands high profile individuals and enterprises, ready to fulfil all clients' needs in a competent and responsible way offering quality products and services. Our mission is to become a recognisable and respectful publishing house in Croatia which provides clients with quality products and services. TIM press standards are positioned very high but we have been achieving them on a daily basis.



TIM press izdavaštvo, marketing, trgovina i usluge d.o.o.  | Registered at: Commercial Court in Zagreb, Tt - 05 / 6348-4 MBS: 080028462 | MB: 1013009 | OIB: 54405379938 | Core capital: 2.893,36 € paid in full | IBAN: HR0223600001101419717, at Zagrebačka banka d.d. | Member of the Board: Dijana Bahtijari