Data protection declaration


TIM press undertakes to protect the personal data of buyers/site visitors by collecting only those personal data necessary for the fulfillment of the contract or solely to improve user experience. Visitors are given the opportunity to manage their privacy, and in this statement we also show transparently what data is collected, why it is needed and how it is used. All company employees or business partners are responsible for compliance with the privacy policy.


Collection and use of information

We protect your privacy. In the process of realization of the requested service and providing information related to your purchase or other services, we will only use the information that you voluntarily allow us to use. We undertake not to sell, disclose or provide this information to a third party in a manner not specified in this statement.


Data necessary for service

To make an order or send a query via this web site, the customer will leave the information by completing the registration form. Information (such as name, surname, e-mail, address, telephone number) is required for the service or delivery of the product. Also, this information is used to contact the user when answering the questions posted on our web site.


Log files

Hosting company Avalon d.o.o. can record all visits to sites located on their servers, and collect certain information, including IP addresses, for providing services and providing protection from malicious intent. This data is available to them and, in the case of filing (court case, abuse of the application), are forwarded to the competent authorities.


External links

On our site you can find links to other sites; By leaving our web site we can not be held responsible for the privacy of those other web sites. We encourage our users to read privacy statements of each web site that collects personal information. This Privacy Statement applies solely to the information collected on this web site.



Contact information, such as name and email address, may be required if the user wishes to sign in to receive the newsletter for marketing purposes. Consent for sending newsletters (news, offers, actions, etc.) is explicitly provided by signing in to the newsletter or by selecting this option when contacting or ordering. The Marketing Consent is not mandatory for service delivery and can always be withdrawn.



This web site takes all steps to protect the user's information. The disclosure of confidential information via this web site is protected by a security protocol (SSL). While staying on a protected page, the lock icon at the bottom of the web browser (like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or other Internet browsers) is locked, unlike unlocked or open icons when browsing our pages normally. In addition to using SSL encryption, in order to protect customer information on the Internet, we do everything in our power to protect the same information off-line as well. Access to all data about our users, not just the above-mentioned confidential information, is limited. Only the employees have access to confidential information necessary to perfor a particular service.


Correction/Update and Deletion of Personal Data

If the user's personal information is changed or if the user no longer wants to use our services, we can correct, update or remove the user's personal information we own. For these actions, it is necessary to contact the Data Processing Manager.


Availability of data

Buyers are now able to request insight into the information we keep on them by contacting the Data Processing Manager.


Data Processing Manager

Privacy Policy applies to all personal information of users we collect and process, directly or through their partners.

For any information regarding your personal information, please contact us at: @


Which data we collect

Personal information: Name, Surname, Address, Telephone Number, E-mail, Zip Code and Location, and OIB od the Individuals who wish to purchase our books.


Purpose of data collection

Book sale: Providing personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the purchase of books and execution of legal obligations.

If you do not provide us with your personal information, the sale/purchase agreement will be disabled. Providing incomplete personal data can affect the correct execution of the contract.

Data collected for marketing purposes are not binding for the realization of the sale of products or services and serve solely for the provision of information on the actions, special offers and the like.


Transfer to third parties

Personal data may be transferred to third parties provided that there is a statutory obligation (transfer to our accounting and tax administration), a legal basis (such as a court order) or a transfer necessary for the realization of the service (for the delivery of ordered books).

Collected personal data are not transferred to other third parties or commercially exploited by third parties in the Republic of Croatia and beyond.


Your personal information may be submited to the following entities:

1) We will share data with the distribution service providers we work with and have concluded contracts for the delivery of goods. A distribution service provider may ask a user to access a personal document when delivering a book and/or record certain information from the document. If the user is unwilling to submit the information necessary for the delivery of the package, ie the proof of the order, the books will not be delivered.

2) State institutions requesting information to be inspected for some third-party processing or for exercising the company's rights for non-compliance with the service contract.

3) A Mailchimp company that is professionally engaged in sending newsletters.

4) Avalon d.o.o. which maintaines the server and Voxel d.o.o. which maintains web-hosting and web-commerce.


How long we keep your data

Personal data is stored and processed only for as long as it is legally necessary for the execution of a certain legitimate purpose, unless it is stored for a longer period of time, for a particular purpose due to applicable regulations, and at least for the duration of the contract between the user and us as the service provider.

In the case of marketing consent, we keep the data for as long as the payee does not withdraw the consent. In the case we do not have a marketing consent, we keep the bid information for one year, and in case you request a deletion, the data will be deleted immediately.

Personal data that is no longer required is irrevocably anonymized or destroyed in a safe manner.


Right to Objection

If you believe that we have violated your right to privacy, you can contact our competent authority in the Republic of Croatia - the Personal Data Protection Agency (AZOP) or address our Data Processing Manager.


Change of Privacy Policy

A privacy statement may be changed at any time by publishing an amended privacy policy on the company's web site. We will notify our customers about this and, in case of disagreement, offer to discontinue use of the service, if possible. By continuing to use this site, the user agrees with the Privacy Statement.


Cookie Policy

Cookie is the information that a web site stores on a computer or mobile device of a visitor. The cookie allows the web site to remember visitors' actions from its visits. Most browsers allow cookies, but users can at any time delete cookies or set cookies on their browser. The most common reasons for using cookies are the identification of the logged/signed user, the user's preference memory, input or preview help that has already been encountered in previous visits, the collection of analysis data, and promotional campaigns.

First-party cookies coming from the webpage you have visited can be temporary and permanent. Such cookies allow the web site to store the data used when a user visits the web page again.

Cookies can be Session Cookies - stored on your computer and deleted immediately after you close your browser and allow the site to collect temporary data.

Persistent cookies - stay in your computer even after you close your browser or shut down your computer, but usually have a shelf life. We use cookies of this type to make the access easier for users, for example, a web page can remember that a user is logged in and will not ask for a re-login.

Third-party cookies are cookies that come with external services that save cookies to a user (like Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, AdWords).

These cookies serve as an aid in understanding user behavior and marketing purposes.


Accepting or rejecting cookies

In the browser settings, you can specify which cookies you want to accept and reject. The location of editing your settings depends on the type of search engine, and more information can be found at If you choose not to accept cookies from our web site, there is a possibility that you will not be able to use certain functions like logging/signing.