New portal


Welcome to the new Visit/Lend/Buy Book Portal.

TIM press has launched a new web interface to allow readers to access the book in many of its forms. It is the new Visit/Lend/Buy Book Portal.

On these new web pages, readers can register free of charge and view samples of all the books published by TIM press, as before, but, with the introduction of a new Portal, each reader thas a possibility to purchase or borrow the titles published by TIM press (iOS, Android, etc.). The purchase includes an indefinite access to the chosen titles on our Portal, while the loan includes a month long access to the chosen titles, starting from the day of payment.

The Visit/Lend/Buy Book Portal project presents an innovative initiative, and the platform we are offering is unique, because for the first time it brings together the ability to purchase and borrow e-books on publisher's web pages. Our goal is to bring closer TIM press releases to readers of all generations and to further encourage reading using modern ICT technology. We want to expand the reading base, to stimulate interest in books and literary events among Croatian audiences and to publish new titles of domestic and foreign literature that would be more accessible to Croatian readership.

As before, you can buy all the TIM press titles in printed form, while some of the titles are now available in e-form.