Formal presentation of Ibsen's „Peer Gynt“

Formal presentation of Ibsen's „Peer Gynt“

On Friday, October 9, at the residence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway Mr. Haakon Blankenborg, a promotion of the new translation of Peer Gynt was held.

The idea of ​​the new translation is the result of cultural cooperation that has lasted since 2018, when Peer Gynt was performed on the stage of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, directed by the Norwegian director and director of the Norwegian Theater Mr. Erik Ulfsby. By using modern applications, sound and video effects, and lighting, a completely new approach to theater directing was achieved. In the process, there was a need to create a new translation and translator Mišo Grundler accepted the challenge. The Agency for the Promotion of Norwegian Literature Abroad - NORLA, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Zagreb and the publishing house TIM press have supported this exceptional project from the very beginning.

The long-awaited new translation is important for both students and the academic community for a better understanding of Ibsen's oeuvre and will certainly improve the interpretation of Ibsen in Croatian theaters.

The promotion was attended, among others, by Ms. Iva Mostarčić, Head of the Service for Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, dr. sc. Goranka Antunović, Head of the Department of Scandinavian Studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Ms. Dubravka Vrgoč, intendant of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, translator Mišo Grundler and Dijana Bahtijari, editor at TIM press.

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