TIM press on Kliofest

TIM press on Kliofest

In the week dedicated to history, from May 16th to 19th, NSK hosts the tenth Kliofest, a history fair that gathers publishers and enthusiasts in one place! Many interesting book presentations, round tables and a large number of historical and related titles at reasonable prices await you.

This year we present two interesting titles and organize a round table:

► Tuesday, May 16th, NSK stage I

15.00‒15.45 Presentation of Thomas Snégaroff's book, Putzi. Hitler's pianist

Participants: Dijana Bahtijari, Ena Katarina Haler, Tvrtko Jakovina

► Thursday, May 18th, NSK stage II

11.00‒12.30 Round table A new look at Heidegger

Moderator: Hašim Bahtijari

Participants: Goran Gretić, Jaroslav Pecnik, Nadežda Čačinovič

► Thursday, May 18th, NSK stage I

15.00‒15.45 Presentation of Robert Blažević's book, Philosophy of Politics

Participants: Robert Blažević, Hašim Bahtijari, Slaven Ravlić

You can see the entire program here.

See you!