The authors take us through the history of the emergence and spread of many drinks, from those the people got directly from nature to those which the preparation and production needed skills and experience, necessary high technology and favorable economic and political conditions.
Regardless whether we talk about mead, beer, wine, spirits, beverage of boiled herbs, coffee or tea - they have in common the variety of ways, from prehistory to the present day, they influenced the traditions and opinions and shaped a cultural and political identity groups and entire nations.
People have, for political or religious reasons, unduly neglected some beverages, prohibited others, and the third group, owing to the papal honors, received a halo of sanctity.
In addition of becoming a symbol of identity and greatly influencing the socialization, many of the drinks had a ritual function and were inevitable companions of religious rites, funerals and weddings. But many of the beverages served as food for the nerves and to expand the mind, awake mental and physical energy of individuals and groups, but also for the mystical experience and vision " trips" .
The history of the emergence and spreading of sacred drinks, but also those which have reached "only" global popularity, is mixed with myths and legends, stories of love, hate, cunning and acumen, but also the decisions of those in power that have influenced the history of mankind and sometimes led to international conflicts, even wars.

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