Whenever there there is an unrest in history, Machiavelli is evoked. He was a versatile man - a historian, writer, poet, philosopher, political scientist, he loved art, inventions, medicine and cartography, he was an irreparable provocator, but above all, a precious witness of his time. While travelling to Europe, he analyzes the power relations that drive people and tempts the great rulers.

Machiavelli is read by all, the victors and the defeated. He does not only write to show the beauty of the word, but also to point out the evil and the truth. Why is this virtuoso of political cunning still relevant today, if the picture of him as an unscrupulous and cunning strategist left by his malevolent descendants is true? Because it enables us to understand how the social energy of political relations goes beyond our efforts to put them in a mould.

Why spend your summer with Machiavelli, you may ask. You may say that idea is unusual because did not like lazing around, he was a man of action. In spite of the label attached to him, people still read Machiavelli, he is a visionary, a writer who awakens us and makes us rouse from our inertia. He announces the storms, not only to warn us about their devastating action, but to teach us to think during ugly times. If we read him today, it means that we have something to worry about. He is returning: wake up.


* * *

Patrick Boucheron (1965) is a French historian. He graduated history at the École Normale supérieure de lettres et sciences humaines in Saint-Cloud and received a doctorate at the University of Sorbonne. He has been a professor at Collège de France since 2016.

The most famous Boucheron's books are Léonard et Machiavel (2008, 2013), Faire profession d'historien (2010) and Conjurer la peur: Sienne, 1338 (2013). He has published about twenty books alone or as a co-author. In 2017 he edited the anthology of World History of France, works of 122 historians, which became a bestseller.
One summer with Machiavelli is his first book published in Croatia.


  • ISBN: 978-953-8075-60-5
  • Dimensions: 110x170 mm
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Cover: paperback
  • Year of the edition: 2018
  • Original title: Un été avec Machiavel
  • Original language: French
  • Translation: Dubravka Celebrini