Law on occupational safety with comments and interpretations (2014)

Law on occupational safety with comments and interpretations (2014)

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A new Law on occupational safety with comments and interpretations has been published. The book's authors are prof. dr. sc. Svjetlana Šokčević (comments and interpretations of the Law and Regulations) and prof. dr. sc. Marinko Đ. Učur (preface). In addition to the full text of the Law on occupational safety (released on June 11th and came into effect on June19th, 2014), there are also comments and interpretations of all articles, as well as a full range of legal and associated by-laws to facilitate the monitoring and implementation of this important legislation. We emphasize that the book contains a comparison of European and Croatian legal solutions; review of international treaties concerning the protection of the work and the culture of work; assessment of the impact of regulation and quality standardization; the main features of the Law on occupational safety (protection system, clarification of concepts, application of the Law, employers' obligations in relation to health and safety, the general principles of prevention and rules, obligations and rights of workers, workers' commissioners for occupational safety, inspections and so on) .

Furthermore, this book also includes full texts of Regulations relating to the protection at work as subordinate implementation acts (Regulation of risk assessment, Regulation on occupational satety training and professional exam, Regulation on safety at work and Regulation on authority for jobs relating occupational safety), commentaries and interpretations of these Regulations and excerpts from:

  • Croatian Constitution;
  • Law on Labour Inspectorate;
  • Law on Health Care;
  • Law on Obligatory Health Insurance;
  • Pension Insurance Act;
  • Law on Binding Relations;
  • Penal Code;
  • EEC Council Directive on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements of occulational safety at work,
  • and a list of regulations and EU directives concerning the protection of health and safety at work.


The book will be helpful to employers and workers, individuals specialized and responsible for occupational safety, representatives for occupational safety, union representatives and companies that are professionally engaged in occupational safety and hazard evaluation.

  • ISBN: 978-953-7177-92-8
  • Year of the edition: 2014
  • Number of pages: 424
  • Cover: hard
  • Dimensions: 165x235 mm