A Philosophy of Freedom (2nd edition)

A Philosophy of Freedom (2nd edition)

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Lars Svendsen has gained his international reputation with a number of books that have been translated to many languages, of which the most famous are Fear, Fashion, Philosophy of Boredom, Philosophy of Evil and Philosophy of Lying published in Croatian by TIM Press. We have just published a second edition of his book A Philosophy of Freedom.

Freedom of speech, religion, choice, will—humans have fought, and continue to fight, for all of these. But what is human freedom really? Taking a broad approach across metaphysics, politics, and ethics, Lars Svendsen explores this question in his engaging book, while also looking at the threats freedom faces today.

Our freedom is possible because we have the ability - that animals do not have - to visualize the different options we have and to think about them. We act on the basis of our wishes and preferences, as do animals, but we can choose how we act. Unlimited freedom does not exist, but the limitations of freedom are not uniform in size. Some constraints are absolute and immutable, others adapt to social and personal processes, some are legitimate while others are illegitimate. Our desire for freedom derives from oppression, the experience quite opposite of the freedom. Oppression exists in many forms, from our closest relationships to the encounter with the powerful state apparatus. The commong thing is that you cannot avoid doing something you do not want to do, or cannot do something you want to do, at least not without repercussions that occur as the worse choice. Though our behaviors, thoughts, and actions are restricted by social and legal rules, deadlines, and burdens, Svendsen argues that the fundamental requirement for living a human life is the ability to be free.

A Philosophy of Freedom questions how we can successfully create meaningful lives when we are estranged from the very concept of freedom. Svendsen tackles such issues as the nature of free agency and the possibility of freedom in a universe governed by natural laws. He concludes that the true definition of personal freedom is first and foremost the liberty to devote yourself to what really matters to you—to realize the true value of the life you are living.

Drawing on the fascinating debates around the possibility of freedom and its limits within society, this comprehensive investigation provides an accessible and insightful overview that will appeal to academics and general readers alike.

  • ISBN: 978-953-369-019-3
  • Dimensions: 110x180 mm
  • Number of pages: 400
  • Cover: paperback
  • Year of the edition: 2023
  • Original title: Frihetens filosofi
  • Original language: Norwegian
  • Translation: Zlatko Petir