Zlatko Miliša

Zlatko Miliša, PhD, tenured proffessor, is a prominent Croatian pedagogue, sociologist and social chronicler. He was born in Trogir in 1958. He completed primary school in his hometown, secondary education in Split, and graduated in 1982 from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zadar, studying sociology and educational science. He obtained his master's degree in Rijeka and his doctorate in Sarajevo. He started his employment at the University of Zadar as an assistant, and today he is a scientific advisor. Since December 2012, he has been a full-time professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, and in 2017 he was elected a full-time professor with a permanent title.
He participated in numerous internal and foreign scientific conferences. He is the (co)author of sixteen scientific monographs in Croatia, three of which were published abroad. He is also the author of three non-fiction books. As an engaged intellectual, he is known to the general public for popularizing the profession. He wrote columns for various newspapers and internet portals. He is often a guest at round tables, forums, professional seminars, in the media, schools and the civil sector. He participated in discussions in many media, mostly on current issues in education and science, and on the problems and needs of young people.
He is the winner of the annual state award "Ivan Filipović" in the field of higher education for 2009. By the decision of the National Council for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development of February 8, 2021, he was elected vice-president (in charge of science) of the Parent Committee for the field of social sciences ‒ the field of pedagogy, educational-rehabilitation sciences, speech therapy and kinesiology.