Mirela Holy

Mirela Holy (born 15 December 1971) is a Croatian politician, writer and a former leader of the centre-left Croatian Sustainable Development party (ORaH). 

Holy studied ethnology and cultural anthropology, and comparative literature at the University of Zagreb and received her PhD in cultural studies in 2005. From 23 December 2011 until 13 June 2012 Holy was Minister of Environmental Protection and Nature in the centre left Government of Zoran Milanović, the first and to date only woman to hold this position. In 2013 she left the Social Democratic Party due to her public disagreement with the party's environmental policy. After her departure from SDP, Holy founded a new party called ORaH (ORaH means walnut in Croatian) which stands for Održivi razvoj Hrvatske (Croatian Sustainable Development).

Holy has published several professional papers and three books: Apokalipsa (1991), Mitski aspekti ekofeminizma (2007) and Vražica nosi Pradu... a bogovi konfekciju (2017). She is a member of the Croatian Association of Public Relations and Croatian Ethnological Society.

Image source: Wikipedia/Vlada Republike Hrvatske