Luan Starova

Luan Starova (Pogradec, Albania, 1941) lives in Macedonia since 1943 (first in Struga, then in Skopje). He graduated in French language and literature and since 1974, after obtaining his masters and Pd. D. in Zagreb, he specialized at the Sorbonne in Paris in the field of modern French literature. Starova continued his career as a university professor at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. He was Ambassador of SFR Yugoslavia in Tunisia and Palestine, the first ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in France, a permanent representative in the UNESCO and a a non-resident ambassador in Spain and Portugal.

Starova writtes in Macedonian, Albanian and French, and obtained the attention of domestic and international literary and cultural public in 1992 with the novel of the Tatkovite knigi, which will develop into a series of cyclical novels published by the author under the common title Balkan Saga. Twelve novels of this cycle have been released and some of them wer awarded "Marguerite Yourcenar" Award as well as the highest French acknowledgment, Orden Legion of Honor - The Knight of Art and Literature. His other acclaimed works are Balkanski kluč (1995), Patot na jagulite (2000), Tvrdina od pepel (2003), Ervehe. Kniga za edna majka (2005), Ljubovta na generalot (2008).

Image source: Wikipedia/Xixa