Ivan Klarić

Ivan Klarić (Šibenik, 1972) is a Croatian writer and poet. He is a lawyer by profession, and started writing 15 years ago. Life took him from Croatia to Italy, to Palermo, where he still lives today. He writes in Croatian, so one of his poems, included in the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Poetry, had to be specially translated for that. He maintains a connection with his homeland as a member of the Society of Croatian Writers and the Croatian Community of Independent Artists. Some of his published works are: Roses and Nothingness (2006), House of the Moon (2009), Henok (2012), Noah's Mirror (2013), Digital Murmur (2014), Silent Days (2015), Mirrors in the Desert (2016), Camile's Requiem (2016), Black Pantomime (2018), Hours in the Wind (2019), Carbon Landscapes (2020), Report from Pretorium (2020), Dead Sea (2021), Dear Mark (2021), etc. For Magnitudes poetry collection he received the „Tin Ujević“ award.

Image source: dhk.hr