Aude Lancelin

Aude Lancelin, born in 1973 in Tours, is a French journalist. She was deputy editor of Marianne from 2011 to 2014 and editor of L'Obs from 2014 to 2016. Lancelin now works as a columnist at  1 hebdo and has joined the editorial staff og the Média.

She graduated philosophy in 1996 at the Sorbonne. In 2000, she was hired by Le Nouvel Observateur, where she covered the fields of culture and ideas, in particular literary criticism and philosophy. She conducted weekly interviews with contemporary philosophers: Alain Badiou, Jean Baudrillard, Jean-Claude Michéa, Peter Sloterdijk, Jacques Rancière and Slavoj Žižek. At the same time, she collaborated on television programs Culture et dépendances and Postface. In 2011, she joined Marianne as assistant director of writing, responsible for the pages "Culture" and "Ideas" of the weekly.

Some of her most aclaimed works are Les Philosophes et l'Amour: aimer de Socrate à Simone de Beauvoir (with Marie Lemonnier, 2008), Éloge de la politique (with Alain Badiou, 2017), La Pensée en otage. S'armer intellectuellement contre les médias dominants (2018).