• The age of brass

    The age of brass

  • The Nazi Doctors

    The Nazi Doctors

  • School of life

    School of life

  • The age of brass

    The age of brass

  • Nobility of Spirit (2nd edition)

    Nobility of Spirit (2nd edition)

  • The new edition of the book The Age of Brass

    The new edition of the book The Age of Brass

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Arriving soon! - An Eye for an Eye

(Mitchel P. Roth)

From “an eye for an eye” to debates over capital punishment, humanity has a long and controversial relationship with doling out justice for criminal acts. Today, crime and punishment remain significant parts of our culture, but societies vary greatly on what is considered criminal and how it should be punished. In this global survey of crime and punishment throughout history, Mitchel P. Roth examines how and why we penalize certain activities, and he scrutinizes the effectiveness of such efforts in both punishing wrongdoers and bringing a sense of justice to victims.

'The Age of Brass' presented in Slavonia

The past few days TIM press has been presenting a novel by Slobodan Šnajder in Slavonia. Despite the bad weather, a large number of interested readers visited the City Library of Vukovar on October 20th. The event was organized by the Community of Germans and Austrians Vukovar, City Library of Vukovar and the European House Vukovar. The author was joined by the journalist Sasa Drinić and the editor of the book Hašim Bahtijari. The event was moderated by Lana Mayer, president of EDV. On October 21st, The Age of Brass was presented in Nuštar by Slobodan Šnajder, Hašim Bahtijari and Jaroslav Pecnik, who joined the author and the publisher at the promotion of the book in Vinkovci as well. The latter event was organised as a part of the Month of the Croatian Book 2016 manifestation.