• The age of brass

    The age of brass

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    The Nazi Doctors

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    School of life

  • The age of brass

    The age of brass

  • Nobility of Spirit (2nd edition)

    Nobility of Spirit (2nd edition)

  • The new edition of the book The Age of Brass

    The new edition of the book The Age of Brass

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Arriving soon! - Palmyre

(Paul Veyne)

A new book by Paul Veyne Palmyra: the Irreplaceable Treasure is soon to be published. When the famous site of Palmyra, protected by the UNESCO as a world heritage site, found itself in the middle of a barbaric occupation, Paul Veyne took the role of an exceptional guide, leading a tour of what used to be the remains of a once magnificent city, "Venice of the desert" that was recently almost completely wiped out from the world. Bewilderd by the incomprehensible devastation, the author sketches a portrait of the ancient Palmyra that can, from now on, be seen only in books. 

''The Age of brass'' is this year's winner of Meša Selimović and Mirko Kovač awards

The novel ''The Age of Brass'' by Slobodan Šnajder won this year's Meša Selimović Award for best regional novel. The prize was awarded to Šnajder on September 3rd, 2016 at the 16th international literary meetings "Cum grano salis" in Tuzla. Another confirmation of the quality of this novel is the announcement of ''The Age of Brass'' as the winner of Mirko Kovač award for the best novel at the Festival of World Literature. The award will be presented to Šnajder on October 8th, at the 3rd Days of Mirko Kovač, a three-day event, which starts on October 6th in Rovinj.